Things to Do in Guanajuato

The city of Guanajuato is best known as a cultural center rather than for being a place offering adventurous activities. The usual activities enjoyed here involve visual appreciation and learning about history. However, whether on a guided tour or exploring alone, the following are some great activities to enjoy.

Health and Relaxation

In the State Capital of Guanajuato, tourists can find a vast array of places for health and relaxation. There are plenty of spas for those looking into getting pampered, also gyms and public parks for those looking for a little workout time.

Some of the most outstanding spas include: the Spa Azul (The Blue Spa), Spa Hacienda de Cobos, Spa Quinta las Alondras, Spa Villa María Cristina, or the herbal shop, Quintaesencia.


Tourists can appreciate the beauty and tradition of the city by roaming around the infinite number of streets and alleys with their colorful houses and plazas full of legend and history. Visitors can usually find an artistic or cultural event taking place in the city. Guanajuato also provides a great nightlife for you to enjoy, including restaurants, bars, night clubs and movie theaters.


For those seeking the perfect craftwork or souvenir, or a great appetizer with a drink, Guanajuato offers several shopping malls with national and international franchise stores, tax exemptions and some areas dedicated specifically to arts and crafts. Those interested in decorative arts and crafts should definitely visit the old San Gabriel de Barrera Hacienda, Dulcería, La Casa del Minero, Platería Angelus, Artesanías La Rana, El Viejo Zaguán, Bazar Los Milagros, and Cerámica La Soledad.

Other important tourist attractions in Guanajuato are:

  • The Museum of the Mummies (popular tourist attractions, thousands of people visiting every year)
  • Juarez Theatre
  • Casa de los Condes de Rul y Valenciada
  • University of Guanajuato
  • Alfredo Duges Natural History Museum
  • Museum of the town
  • Templo de la Compañia
  • Diego Rivera Museum
  • San Roque Temple and Small Square
  • San Fernando Plaza
  • Callejon del Beso
  • Casa de Tia Aura
  • Jardin Reforma
  • Hidalgo Market
  • Mexiamora Plaza
  • San Francisco Temple